Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Full of surprises

Ok, I lied. I haven't totally gotten settled in. I was just out biking and I had to break to let a motorbike pass by. It was carrying two human beings, and four (live) goats. No sidecar. They did not teach us how to do this at motorcycle training in Canada (something to think about, Dad). I also purchased a bike lock and tried to install it but I am mechanically inept and just ended up hurting myself.

But on the way home it was dusk, and evening prayers were beginning. The air was filled with the smoke of a thousand wood stove fires, and the rhythmic singing of prayers was drifting through the streets. As I weaved my way among the humans and cars and bicycles and animals, I was reminded again of the strange and unique and raw beauty of the city. I hope I never lose sight of this.


Bruce said...

Luke, the motorcycle training program is always open to suggestions for improvement. I will forward the goat component idea to the Canada Safety Council in Ottawa for their consideration.

Weinstein said...

You may not want to publicize the fact that you are mechanically inept to the people for whom you are building a sanitation system for.

I heard about this goat thing. Apparently a live goat is perfectly symetrical and therefore aids in the balancing of the bike. They are the Tamalean (spelling?) equivilent to training wheels.


Anonymous said...

your writings of life in Ghana help me escape from this Etobicoke life and take me right there! It sounds incredible so far. And watch out for spiders, they bite eyelids and your face can swell up, it has happened to my sister with Ontario spiders, so I can only imagine...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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