Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Extra Reading

This is more of a pseudo-update, but I'm putting together a website listing much of the writing I've done while I've been in Ghana, as well as the other media I've produced (film, photography and audio).

If you're interested, check it out here. I'll pretty it up as I go, but hopefully there will be some interesting stuff in there for you to read/watch/listen.

I also realized that I haven't posted many pictures of urban structures in Ghana – most have been from rural communities or people in Tamale. Here are a few from Bolgatanga.

The first one is a picture from my office, showing a water tower surrounded by farmland. This is where the Regional Government is located -- people still farm the area around the governmental buildings (rumour has it that they weren't satisfied with compensation for lost land when the buildings were constructed, so they've continued to use the remaining land).

The second one is a picture from my room. I'm staying in a 3-storey building in the heart of Bolgatanga. It's unfinished (although my room is finished), so you can climb on the roof and hang your laundry there to dry.

The last one was taken from my office window. It shows a vulture flying by one of the adjacent buildings. Vultures become more and more common the further north you move -- up in Burkina Faso I've seen swarms of them.

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